The next Google Pixel phone may be waterproof

Last year both Samsung and Apple released waterproof flagship devices with the Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7.  Although the Google Pixel didn't follow suit its followup, the Pixel 2, looks set to launch with a submersible design.

Stephen Hall, Senior Editor at trusted fan blog 9to5Google, said on Twitter he has been told, “Waterproofing definitely coming with next Pixel device.”

According to Hall it was something Google wanted to do on the original device but instead it prioritized the camera on the Pixel and Pixel XL

Now the company looks to have enough time to make the phone waterproof as well.

Whetting your appetite

Hall has since said, “Just a reminder that this is on Twitter and not 9to5 because it’s not confirmed/corroborated”. He did also say the source has been right about Google stories in the past.

If Google manages to pull this off for the Pixel 2 then Google, Apple, Samsung and Sony will all have waterproof phones on the market. 

LG has also heavily hinted the LG G6 will come with a waterproof design, when it launches next month.

The original Google Pixel wasn’t marketed as a waterproof device, but it's IP53 rating means it can withstand the odd splash of water.

Harris Craycraft also proved on YouTube the Google Pixel can be submerged for 30 minutes and still survive, but we wouldn’t recommend doing that with your phone. 

Instead, you’ll have to wait until the Google Pixel 2 to safely submerge your full Google phone.

James Peckham

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