Logitech announces its most affordable wireless gaming mouse yet

Logitech G305

Logitech has announced a new wireless gaming mouse that's designed to be portable and extremely affordable.

The Logitech G305 LightSpeed is the company’s most inexpensive wireless gaming mouse yet, priced at $59 (about £40, AU$80, AED 220). Despite its low price, however, this isn’t a basic gaming mouse. It packs the same LightSpeed wireless technology found in Logitech’s flagship gaming mouse, the G903, while also incorporating the low-energy Hero sensor found in the G603.

Logitech claims that with a single AA battery users will be able to get 250 hours of continuous gameplay out of the G305 while in 'Performance' mode, which activates the 1ms report rate. Switching the mouse to Endurance mode, with an 8ms report, will supposedly extend the battery life to up to nine months.

The Logitech G305’s Hero sensor is also rated for 400 inches-per-second of precision, and sensitivity up to 12,000 DPI. Lastly, this mouse is designed to be durable, compact and lightweight at only 99g, so it could be a great portable gaming mouse to bring to conventions and eSports events.

Logitech has proven time and again that wireless peripherals are the future of PC gaming, but the missing piece has been affordability – so the Logitech G503 may just be the breakthrough we’ve been waiting for.

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