The blockchain-powered HTC Exodus is landing on October 22

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The HTC Exodus could be one of the most interesting phones of 2018... but it’s also one that we don’t know a whole lot about just yet

That's all set to change though, as HTC has now confirmed that the Exodus will be announced on October 22.

The news came in an Instagram post on the official HTC Exodus account. The post included a short teaser video, highlighting the Exodus name and the October 22 date, but seemingly not giving anything else away.

It’s a launch that’s ever so slightly later than the third quarter claim the company previously made, but with a specific date given now – and one that’s so close – we wouldn’t expect it to slip again.

10.22 Official HTC EXODUS

A photo posted by @htc.exodus on Oct 12, 2018 at 10:12am PDT

Secure storage

So what can you expect from the HTC Exodus? Well, it’s a blockchain- powered phone which will include a cold storage locker with support for all major cryptocurrencies, so you’ll be able to store your currency offline. For that reason it’s also a phone that puts a big focus on security.

Beyond that, and the fact that the HTC Exodus will run Android, we don’t know much else about it. The specs for example remain a mystery, but we should have answers soon.

If you like the sound of the Exodus it’s worth noting that it could be expensive, with the company previously claiming that it would be "comparable" to the $1,000 (around £600, AU$1,300) Finney phone, which is also powered by blockchain.

Also, while we know the HTC Exodus will be announced on October 22, there’s no word yet on when you’ll actually be able to buy it.

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