Vizio's new 4K HDR TV costs almost as much as a Tesla

Vizio Reference Series TV

Samsung's 4K OLED mirror display was cool, but Vizio is raising the ante with an insanely expensive futuristic TV of its own, part of a new reference series.

The Vizio RS120-B3 is a 120-inch LED TV that is not only capable of 4K UHD and HDR, but comes with 384 zones of backlights - individual areas that can be turned on and off to produce greater contrast - and will cost a deal-breaking $130,000 … well, $140,725 after tax.

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The RS120-B3 or, as it should be called, the Lamborghini of televisions, will support HEVC H.265 codec and come stocked with Vizio's V6 six-core processor, an 800-nit, Full-Array LED backlight and a new 802.11ac antenna. It's also one of the first TVs to support Dolby Vision - Dolby's proprietary version of high dynamic range.

Content for Dolby vision and the exorbitantly priced TV will come from Vudu's 4K channel that features a small handful of films including Man of Steel, Edge of Tomorrow, The Great Gatsby, San Andreas and Mad Max: Fury Road, and can access Netflix for more high-end visual goodness.

Is $130,000 too rich for your blood? Vizio will offer a 65-inch, quantum dot version of the TV for the much more reasonable - but still a little bewildering - price of $5,999 (or about £3,900/AU$8,400). The RS65-B2 also comes with an integrated surround sound soundbar, a subwoofer and two satellite speakers.

Both systems are available to order starting today through a special form on Vizio's website.

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