Vizio's new 4K HDR TV costs almost as much as a Tesla

Vizio Reference Series TV
Vizio Reference Series TV

Samsung's 4K OLED mirror display was cool, but Vizio is raising the ante with an insanely expensive futuristic TV of its own, part of a new reference series.

The Vizio RS120-B3 is a 120-inch LED TV that is not only capable of 4K UHD and HDR, but comes with 384 zones of backlights - individual areas that can be turned on and off to produce greater contrast - and will cost a deal-breaking $130,000 … well, $140,725 after tax.

The RS120-B3 or, as it should be called, the Lamborghini of televisions, will support HEVC H.265 codec and come stocked with Vizio's V6 six-core processor, an 800-nit, Full-Array LED backlight and a new 802.11ac antenna. It's also one of the first TVs to support Dolby Vision - Dolby's proprietary version of high dynamic range.

Content for Dolby vision and the exorbitantly priced TV will come from Vudu's 4K channel that features a small handful of films including Man of Steel, Edge of Tomorrow, The Great Gatsby, San Andreas and Mad Max: Fury Road, and can access Netflix for more high-end visual goodness.

Is $130,000 too rich for your blood? Vizio will offer a 65-inch, quantum dot version of the TV for the much more reasonable - but still a little bewildering - price of $5,999 (or about £3,900/AU$8,400). The RS65-B2 also comes with an integrated surround sound soundbar, a subwoofer and two satellite speakers.

Both systems are available to order starting today through a special form on Vizio's website.

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