Virgin Media offering £15 Clash of the Titans VOD offer

Clash of the Titans
"You mean, if I waited three days I could have had nearly enough for the Blu-ray version?? Arrrgh"

Virgin Media will offer movie Clash of the Titans on its video on demand service three days before it goes on general DVD sale, but viewers will pay £14.95 and receive a hard copy in the post.

In an interesting new sales model, Virgin Media and Warner Bros UK appear to be testing the waters with early access and premium prices, offering VOD access for 48 hours and then a DVD through the post.

It remains to be seen if consumers believe £15 to be an excessive amount to pay for a DVD and a couple of days' grace, but it's certainly an interesting concept.

For those just wanting the on demand version – it will be available for £3.95 from Virgin Media through its usual mechanism.


Aleks Habdank, director of on demand television and strategy at Virgin Media said, "We're always looking to bring the best films to our customers and we're delighted to be offering them the first screening of Clash of the Titans on demand in the home.

"Virgin Media has a long track record of innovation and we're actively exploring new commercial deals that make the most of our TV on demand platform.

"Clash of the Titans is a fantastic addition to our service and, with over 500 movies on demand and now the chance to buy a Hollywood blockbuster on DVD, film fans will never be stuck for choice."

Online retailers are currently selling the DVD for around £10, with a Blu-ray version available for £15.99.

So, if you have £15 to spare, don't want to buy the Blu-ray, are really keen on watching the film in your living room a few days earlier than your friends can, and like getting parcels containing plastic rectangular cases then this just might be for you.

Patrick Goss

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