Sky Movies picks up exclusive rights to Harry Potter for Christmas

Sky Movies picks up exclusive rights to Harry Potter for Christmas
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Cash-strapped parents across the nation will no doubt let out a collective groan at the news that Sky Movies has nabbed the rights to the entire Harry Potter film franchise for television this Christmas.

Thanks to the deal with Warner Brothers, you won't be able to watch any of The Boy Who Lived's magical adventures this festive season unless you have a Sky Movies subscription (or the entire DVD/Blu-ray line-up. Or loose morals).

As well as coming to the film channels on Sky, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore and the whole wizarding gang will be available on Sky's TV On Demand service and mobile Sky Go apps.

Expecto patronum

Sky's Now TV streaming service will also be offering the eight mega-successful films, provided that subscribers have taken out the Sky Movies monthly pass.

Unlike the James Bond line-up that Sky Movies recently nabbed, Harry and co won't be getting their own dedicated channel. It's not like they have licenses to kill, after all.

The Harry Potter films will be hitting Sky Movies from November 5, at which point you can grab your wand, yell "Accio remote!" and then "Alohomora!" at the TV to unlock the films.

Or you can just pick up the remote and press the right buttons, whatever.

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