Sky to screen entire James Bond collection in HD and on demand

Sky to screen entire James Bond collection in HD and on demand
Broadcast in October - Skyfall is in cinemas in November

Sky has announced that it has nabbed the rights to show the entire collection of James Bond movies in HD and will begin to show them in October.

The reason we have to wait so long is that this date coincides with the 50th anniversary of Dr No and it's a month before the latest Bond movie to hit cinemas, Skyfall.

This isn't the first time HD versions of the movies have been broadcast on television – ITV can lay claim to this but Sky is pointing out that these will be uninterrupted – ie, no ads – and they will also be available through Sky Go and Sky Anytime+.

Iconic movies

"We are simply delighted to have secured the Bond films for our customers" explained Ian Lewis, Director of Sky Movies.

"Everything about these films is iconic – whether it's the cars, the gadgets or the catchphrases. What's more, they've become hugely significant culturally; demonstrating the best of British film.

"It's an honour for us to have all of them for our customers, and we will ensure that we do them justice across Sky Movies, giving our customers the best possible experience in watching them."

Sky will also show behind-the-scenes footage from Skyfall in its 35MM show and it will be showing the two ugly ducklings of the James Bond world – the 1967 version of Casino Royale and Never Say Never Again in HD as well.

Marc Chacksfield

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