Samsung's curved OLED TV arrives on Sept 5

Samsung's curved OLED TV arrives on Sept 5
Look at the curve on that

Samsung's S9C curved OLED TV goes on sale in the UK on September 5, bringing full HD 3D to a bowed 55-inch screen.

It will be available from "specialist retailers", and we're waiting to hear from Samsung about the pricing but we don't expect the S9C to come cheap. In the US, Samsung's "suggested retail" price is $10,000 - which comes in at around £6,500, although expect to pay a bit more than that.

What's the point of a curved TV, you ask? Samsung says it gives you an '"IMAX-like" viewing experience.


The TV also comes with Samsung's Multi View feature which lets you display two different shows on the screen at once - in full HD 3D if you so desire.

You'll need Samsung's 3D Active glasses to make use of multi-view, with the specs' built-in speakers solving potential audio woes too.

The Samsung S9C is also as smart as it comes, with access to Samsung's Smart TV app store for easy on-demand viewing and web surfing.

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Guy Kinnell, head of TV and AV, reckons that "everyone has been eagerly anticipating" the launch, which we're not sure is entirely true but you have to get your kicks where you can find them.

Samsung has managed to pip arch rival LG to the post: LG's curved TV seems set for a European roll-out some time before Christmas with a price of around £7,500 for the 55-inch screen.

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