Samsung's curved OLED TV provides an 'IMAX-like' experience

Samsung Curved OLED TV
Samsung showed off the curved OLED TV at its CES booth

Samsung spent plenty of time talking about its huge new 4K Ultra HD S9 line of televisions at a pre-CES press conference on Monday, but there was still at least one surprise left for show-goers on Tuesday.

At Samsung's booth on the CES 2013 convention floor the company showed off the first-ever curved OLED TV.

The 55-inch display is noticeably concave when viewed from the front, and even more noticeably bent from a side view.

According to Samsung representatives at CES, who told TechRadar they had themselves only just learned about the curved OLED TV about an hour earlier, its unique shape provides a few extra benefits for viewers.

Samsung Curved OLED TV

The curved OLED TV is noticeably concave

The benefits of curved

OLED TVs provide better colors and contrast, among other benefits, and the new Samsung TV's curved form factor adds yet more improvements, according to Samsung.

A representative at Samsung's booth told TechRadar that the curved OLED TV grants viewers an immersive "IMAX-like view."

The Samsung rep added that the curved form of the new OLED display also creates a greater range of viewing angles, enabling viewers sitting on either side of the TV to see more of the screen.

In a press release released on Tuesday, Samsung's executive vice president of visual displays HS Kim said that "Samsung is dedicated to developing innovative television solutions, beyond what consumers could ever expect, or could even imagine."

Kim continued: "We will continue our tradition of developing Samsung TV innovations by steadily introducing new TV technology that helps enhance the lives of users, even beyond the World's First Curved OLED TV."

Samsung has provided no official release date or pricing information, though a Samsung representative on the floor at CES told TechRadar that the curved OLED TV could launch by "late 2013."

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