Toshiba considering Google TV product

Toshiba is looking to Google TV
Toshiba is looking at Google TV for the future

Toshiba has admitted that it is considering launching a Google TV product, using the US market to test out its product before looking elsewhere.

Although there is no launch date for Google TV in the UK, the search giant does have global plans for its product, if it can finally overcome the hurdle of the content providers who are less than keen to get on board.

With Sony and Logitech currently producing equipment, Toshiba's head of visual products – senior VP Masaaki Oosumi told the Wall Street Journal that, if the company launches the product, "we would first sell it in the US market".

Major player

IPTV is becoming a major player in the broadcast world, and the arrival of the likes of YouView and Sky's Anytime+ in the UK will hand a key boost to the prospect of getting video on demand through your television courtesy of a broadband connection.

On top of this Virgin Media's cable service has proven that the likes of the BBC iPlayer is immensely popular when it is easily accessed through a set-top box, showing an appetite for Google TV-like services.

Google has faced significant problems, however, with content providers blocking access to its box for its catch up services online.

Hulu – perhaps the most well recognised TV catch-up name in the US – has been one of the dissenters, and has been joined by major networks such as ABC, NBC and CBS.


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