Split-screen view comes to Sky Q sports

Sky Q Split-screen

If its recent price cut wasn't enough to tempt you, Sky is announcing new ways to view its sports coverage on its top-of-the-line Sky Q service.

It today announced the addition of a split-screen view option for its Sky Sports channels, letting you run two live football or tennis matches side by side, view a highlights reel along with real-time action, or else pick between multiple camera angles during Formula One races.

This is provided in addition to the Sky Sports HQ app, which is already available as a slide-in pane through the Sky UI, which is now available in split screen view alongside any other channel.

The power of Q

"We know our customers absolutely love watching live sports and the new Sky Q features will give them the flexibility to choose how they watch," said Luke Bradley-Jones, Sky's Brand Director of TV and Content Products.

Sky Split Screen

"Whether it's a Premier League match or Formula 1 race, customers can simply choose split screen viewing and watch the most talked about goal again and again, or two live races side by side."

There are some limitations - you can't mix and match sports on the rare occasions when two major events clash, and highlights reels are editorially chosen from the current event being viewed, rather than letting you trawl through highlights from other matches or races. But it's a good showcase for the power of the Sky Q box, and will come into its own particularly for football fans, watching end-of-the-season relegation battles or title races.

Gerald Lynch

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