Sharp's new flagship TVs want to consume your living room

Sharp's new 80-inch TV wants to consume your living room
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Sharp's premium Aquos range is about to get a lot more cramped, with two brand new members joining the ranks.

The 80inch LC-80LE857K and the (slightly) more modest 70-inch LC-70LE857K are Sharp's new flagship smart TVs, continuing the company's mantra of "go big when you go home".

As well as coming in hefty dimensions, both smart TVs promise to offer Sharp's "best ever" picture quality, making the most of their Quattron 3D and 800 Hz Active motion technology.

The 15mm pure aluminium bezel and metal stand, meanwhile, keep things as minimal as possible where the screen isn't concerned.

Meet the newbies

Both feature the new AQUOS NET+ browsers, apps and on demand services. They also offer a Wallpaper mode that lets you use the TV to display photos or art when in standby mode. Well, they sure are big enough.

Both models from the new LE857K series will be available to buy this Summer in the UK from "major retailers", according to Sharp.

We're also told that the LC-80LE857K will be given a European guideline price of €8,000 (around £6770/$10,500/AUS$10,300) while the smaller LC-70LE857K will be tagged at €5,000 (£4,230/$6,550/AUS$6,430).

We're also told that a US release is "very likely". So keep your eyes peeled - they won't be hard to spot.

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