Sharp 3D Quattron TV: four colours, three dimensions

Sharp's 3D Quattron TV
Sharp's 3D Quattron TV

Sharp has announced it has majestically jumped on the 3D bandwagon, with the Sharp 3D Quattron TV.

Sharp's Quattron technology was a hit with tech enthusiasts earlier this year, with the company deciding to add a fourth colour (it called it a sub pixel technology) to its TV range rather than go 3D like Samsung, Sony and LG.

The TV was so good it garnered a five-star review from TechRadar.

At IFA 2010, Sharp has decided to add 3D to the Quattron brand - it announced in June it was going 3D - explaining that: "3D technology has the potential to change the way that we watch TV forever.

"Sharp has a reputation for setting the standards in the LCD TV segment and for upping the game for the industry with technologies like Quattron.

"The integration of 3D along with our other technologies enables us to go one step further and produce the brightest, clearest 3D images so far achieved by flat screen TVs."

Mellow yellow

Brightness is the key to making 3D decent in the home – and it is something the rest of the industry has struggled with – and it seems that Sharp has the upper hand, giving that its Quattron tech makes images 1.8 times brighter.

The 3D Quattron TV will be 60-inches in size, uses active shutter technology and has the 3D built in, so there's no need to attach an external sensor. And it also boasts Super Edge LED backlighting.

Sharp has also announced it has teamed up with Philips to offer a internet TV service called Sharp Aquos Net Plus, which will offer web content through the latest range of Aquos TVs.

The 60-inch 3D Quattron TV has a UK release date of October 2010. It will be priced at £3,500.

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