Quality 3D lives on beyond television, says Sky

Quality 3D lives on beyond television, says Sky
The panel at the Galapagos 3D premiere - including Celia Taylor and Anthony Geffen (second from right)

Sky's head of factual and features, Celia Taylor, has explained how the 3D productions that have proved critical hits for the broadcaster have taken on a life outside of our televisions.

The latest production, Galapagos 3D featuring legendary broadcaster Sir David Attenborough, had its premiere in London with TechRadar in attendance, and the programme could well following in the footsteps of its predecessors by moving into IMAX cinemas across the globe.

Although the audience on the Sky 3D channel remains limited, Taylor explained that the quality of the programmes gave them longevity and a wider audience.

"I think when [Sky] customers get 3d they absolutely love it," she said, "so it's very important for that reason.

"These programmes are such good quality that they actually get a theatrical life as well, so they are shown in giant screen cinemas across America.

"The opportunity to have content that's of a high enough quality to release in cinemas [is great], and they have a long life.

"These play in museum IMAX screens for years and years and years and I think they stand up to that longevity, so we're very ambitious about this stuff."

3D Evolution

Series producer Anthony Geffen believes that the technology is improving every year as they progress from programme to programme.

"3D is actually changing," he said. "What we're able to show, how far we are able to come out [of the screen] and how it works is part of an incredibly exciting journey where the 3D we see now in two years will be very different."

Galapagos 3D will be shown on Sky 3D on New Year's Day, and simulcast on Sky One /Sky One HD.

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