3D is the 'last element' in bringing reality to TV, says Attenborough

3D is the 'last element' in bringing reality to TV, says Attenborough
Sir David - a broadcasting legend

Legendary broadcaster Sir David Attenborough believes that 3D is the "last element" in conveying the reality in front of the camera, but only for things that are close up.

Speaking at the premiere of his latest series, Galapagos 3D, Attenborough explained how his 60 years in television have given him an insight into the changing technology in the industry,

"Having started on four or five smeary pictures in black and white and all live I know what primitive television is all about," said Attenborough.

"3D is the last element in conveying the information about the reality that is in front of the camera.

"For a lot of the time [3D] is irrelevant, I absolutely agree that for, say landscapes, you don't need 3D, not looking at a range of mountains ten miles away

"3D is of no consequence at all but if you are looking at things that are close to you, you suddenly see things in 3D that you don't see in 2D."

Micromonsters 3D

Attenborough's voice is one of the most familiar in the world of television to audiences across the globe, and even at 86 his enthusiasm for nature and broadcasting remain undimmed.

The next project from Colossus – a joint venture between Sky and Atlantic Productions – will see Attenborough voice a series on insects called Micromonsters 3D.

Galapagos 3D will air in the UK on Sky 3D on New Year's Day, and almost certainly make its way to IMAX cinemas across Australia and the US in 2013.

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