No 3D Ready certification planned for 3D TVs

Yes to HD Ready, no to 3D Ready
Yes to HD Ready, no to 3D Ready

Digital Europe, the industry body that was behind the HD Ready certification program for TVs, has ruled out a similar labelling system for 3D-enabled televisions.

The reason: it believes there's no need for a 3D Ready logo as we all already know what 3D is.

Speaking at the 3D TV World Forum in London this week, Markus Fritz of Digital Europe (which was formally called EICTA), revealed that it wouldn't be pursuing the use of logos on 3D TVs an industry standard and one of the main reasons this was done for HD televisions was because the awareness of high definition was fairly low.

"A lot of consumer awareness of 3D was made by the cinemas, so this has made the job easier to launch 3D in the home," said Fritz.

"Launching HD was a lot more difficult – HD in the beginning had an awareness of around 45 per cent. For 3D it is 90 per cent."

No labelling

The HD labelling scheme offered did become rather convoluted with around four labels available for TV manufacturers to use, depending on what specs the televisions had. This won't be the case for 3D.

"Is there going to be a 3D Ready labelling scheme, overall we do not think there is a need for a 3D Ready label for the association – not like what we saw with HD.

"In terms of penetration, between 40-60 per cent of all TVs are now 3D ready."

Marc Chacksfield

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