New apple TV spied at IFA

You've got to hand it to HANNspree. For sheer mental ingenuity, its computer monitor and TV range wins hands-down.

Take the company's new apple television, which we caught a glimpse of at this year's IFA. It's, er, shaped like an apple and even has a very Apple-like logo. Not that we think Steve Jobs and Jonathon Ive will lose any sweat over the design of the thing.

apple tv

This isn't the first time HANNspree has showed of a fruit-based tellie. Back in 2006, the company released a CRT which was cleverly hidden inside a plastic, Apple-shaped chassis.

apple tv2

It looks as if the machine has been given an update, although not exactly for the hi-def world.

A quick look round the side of the thing, and we could only see a lowly scart and TV/DTV connector.

But who cares? Those looking at the thing won't exactly be taken in by what's on the TV, more the look of the tellie itself!

apple tv

If you're not feeling very fruity then don't worry, as HANNspree has other novelty TVs to suit your every need. If your need is to turn your house/bedroom into a zoo that is.

zebra tv

STRIPEY: While we didn't do a hands-on, this TV did suffer from zebra striping

panda bear

POLAR EXPRESS: Aww, ain't that sweet? Pass the sick bag

bear tv

PANDA-MONIUM: Something tells us Mr Elephant let one go

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