Sky looking to stream content to your mobile

Sky Player by Mobile - on the way?
Sky Player by Mobile - on the way?

Expect to see live Sky television programmes on your mobile phone soon, with Director of OnDemand Griff Parry admitting that the company is already taking a look at streaming to mobile phones.

Sky has recently re-launched its Sky Player with the capacity to subscribe to the service even if you do not want a satellite dish.

But for those dreaming of casually watching Premiership football whilst being dragged around a shopping centre, or catching up on The Simpsons surreptitiously at the office, streamed live Sky television on your mobile device is not far from reality.

Silverlight support

"In theory you can use anything that can support the Silverlight player," explained Sky's Parry when TechRadar asked about mobile streaming.

"I think that's pretty much restricted to the PC at the moment, but if we are building this with cross platform delivery capability it definitely will involve portable devices at some point in the future.

"It is going to come isn't it? That was the great thing about the iPlayer – you looked at it and people would go – oh that's just the internet.

"What I'd like to have is a consistent experience where you start watching on a set-top box then you move onto a laptop with Sky Player and then you continue watching on a mobile from where you've paused."

There is no firm timeline for when this will actually happen – at least not for public airing – but TechRadar is eagerly awaiting the time when being taken away from the television doesn't necessarily mean being taken away from Goals on Sunday.

Patrick Goss

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