Loewe adds to its 3D TV lineup

Loewe adds to its 3D TV lineup
Art and Connect go 3D

Loewe has today announced a trio of 3D-enabled flatscreens in its Art and Connect ranges, joining the existing Individual 3D.

The new sets are the 40in Connect 3D, and 40in and 46in Art 3D. Each uses Active Shutter technology to provide Full HD 3D playback from Blu-rays, and features in-built 2D-3D conversion.

Loewe's smart TV offering, dubbed MediaPortal, is also onboard. Highlights of this connected service include a full web browser and Napster, plus media playback from your PC or USB device.

The bespoke nature of Loewe's TV business means all three models can be specified with Loewe's in-built DR+ hard disk recorder, which, as well as allowing TV timeshifting, uses the brand's Follow Me feature to let you pause a programme and continue watching it on another TV in the house.


Other add-ons for the well-heeled TV enthusiast include Loewe's BluTechVision 3D player, SoundProjector and purpose-built rack.

Typically for the premium German brand, the TVs cut a sleek, stylish figure, and the Art sets can be jazzed up via custom colour options, as well as standard gloss black, chrome silver and mocha.

Says the company: 'Innovation for the senses, exclusive customisation options and a spectacular profile from any angle: that's Loewe.'

Prices for the Art sets have yet to be announced, but the Connect 40 3D, without the DR+ hard disk, will set you back around £2,500. That's Loewe, too.