Little interest left in 3D TV as buyers target smart sets, retailer admits

No-one cares about 3D TV, John Lewis admits
Buyers now care more about Smart apps than 3D TV

Interest in 3D TV has bottomed out among consumers, with Smart TV functionality becoming the number one priority for prospective buyers, according to tech retailer John Lewis.

While the predicted craze never caught on in the way the industry had hoped, the company's Vision Buyer John Kempner there's now 'little interest left' in 3D among those visiting John Lewis stores.

Speaking to TrustedReviews, Kempner said: "We are not seeing much consumer interest in 3D. It's not the primary purchase decision anymore.

"I don't think 3D is as big a story as it was two or three years ago. There is a demand but there is much less noise around it and consumer interest in it now," he added.

It's a given

Kempner admitted what many observers have been saying for years; that the necessity of 3D glasses and the dearth of content would be the real barrier to mass 3D adoption.

"Wearing 3D glasses in the home was always going to be a reason customers didn't move to 3D [and] 3D content is still limited, he said. "There is no doubt that some of the benefits of Smart TV are of real consumer interest."

However, the lack of interest doesn't mean 3D TVs are going to disappear for our living rooms with Kemper saying: "It's a given anyway in most premium sets now."

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