LG's curved OLED TVs primed for release in second half of 2013

LG's curved OLED TVs primed for release in second half of 2013
Would promising a 2013 release be bending the truth?

LG has confirmed it plans to release its gorgeous curved OLED televisions later this year.

The 55-inch set, which wowed onlookers when it was unleashed at CES 2013, will be ready for release "soon" according to one LG official, while another promised curved sets are coming later in 2013.

Hung W.K. Shin, of LG's Home Electronics Product Communication team, told TrustedReviews: "I can't give you an exact time, but I think we will see the first curved TV devices on the market soon."

He also claimed bigger versions of the display are on the way, adding: "We are preparing various types of curved TV, not only 55-inch models but larger as well. Consumers will be most strongly immersed with this curve."

When and where?

Hung Shin's comments were joined by those from LG Europe's Vice President of Home Entertainment Thomas Lee, who claimed curved TVs will be another "major trend" with sets "coming in the second half of this year."

Neither of the spokespeople offered any indication of where LG plans to launch the sets, but TrustedReviews' first-hand report from South Korea intimates the UK (and, by proxy, the US) is among them.

Despite the positive reception the curved OLED sets received at CES, a widespread commercial launch had seemed unlikely.

The equally-gorgeous, but massively expensive flatscreen 55-inch OLED set, unveiled 15 months ago at CES 2012, still hasn't gone on sale outside of Korea, despite a scheduled UK release in Q1 2013.

TechRadar has reached out to LG for clarification and will update this story if the company is able to offer more information on its global launch plans.

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