LG 84-inch Ultra Definition 3DTV launching November 19

LG 84-inch UDTV
Big and expensive is always in fashion

If regular old 1080p seems a little lacklustre for your opulent lounge room tastes, South Korean electronics giant has just revealed the pricing and release date for its 84-inch Ultra Definition 3DTV in Australia.

Hitting select retailers by November 19 and selling for a recommended retail price of $15,999, the new UDTV from LG offers a massive 84-inch viewing experience literally four times the size and resolution of a 1080p 42-inch screen.

The massive 84-inch 4K TV from LG hits Aussie shelves November 19

With a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, the 80kg television features the same focus on design as LG's current range of premium LED backlit screens.

Getting your hands on one may be tricky though, with LG opting for a "sniper" approach to marketing, opting to target affluent consumers with large disposable incomes.

With that in mind, only 30 retail stores across the country will sell the UHDTV. LG hasn't announced which stores will be included in that lineup, but it expects to have at least one store in every state and territory.

The question of content

As with any new technology, there's a chicken and egg situation in regards to content. LG believes that its release of the 84-inch behemoth will be the incentive that Hollywood and other producers need to start releasing 4K compatible entertainment.

In the meantime, the company is keen to stress that there is 4K content available through YouTube and various online sources. To help promote the television, each of the 30 retailers selling the television will be provided with a special PC full of specially produced 4K content.

Customers who buy the television won't be quite as lucky, needing to rely on the web or their own creativity to make UDTV content.

In other words, make sure your UDTV budget includes an extra $30,000 for a 4K camera.

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