Job listings point to Microsoft making its own Cloud TV service

Is Xbox video a precursor to Cloud TV?
Is Xbox video a precursor to Cloud TV?

A small handful of Microsoft job listings hint at the company's plans to take over airways with a Cloud TV service.

The company is hiring for a development lead, senior software engineer, and software development engineer to work on a "new Cloud-based TV platform."

The job listings want applicants to be experienced in various web technologies including HTML5, Javascript, C# and frameworks like .NET framework and jQuery.

Two of the listings also ask for experience in mobile app development for iOS and Android in addition to development with Windows 8, Windows RT and Internet Explorer.

Broadcasting from the Cloud

Microsoft has slowly been working its way into the living room over the last several years, with the push increasing in the last year through offering expanded on-demand content and entertainment apps on Xbox 360.

Recently, Microsoft also launched its new Xbox Music streaming service and launched the SmartGlass mobile app to offer what the company calls a second screen entertainment experience.

As recently as this September rumors suggested that Microsoft's next venture includes plans to enter the broadcast arena with its own original content, and the Cloud TV job postings only point more strongly in that direction.

Aside from the fact that Microsoft is hiring for a Cloud TV team, no real details are known about what the service will entail.

The Cloud TV team is an extention of Microsoft's Interactive Entertainment Business, which includes Xbox Live, Xbox Music, and Kinect, so Xbox 360 integration is a reasonable expectation to go along with multiplatform mobile apps.

It's possible though that Microsoft could keep quiet on Cloud TV for a while yet, and trot out the service as a prime feature for its next Xbox console or even the newly rumored 7-inch Xbox Surface tablet.

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