New improved Netflix – as seen on TiVo

Netflix brings streaming movies to TiVo home cinemas
Netflix brings streaming movies to TiVo home cinemas

Netflix's Watch Instantly movie rental service will soon be available on thousands of TiVo devices in the US, following a landmark deal.

Netflix's library of 12,000 films and TV episodes will be rolled out to TiVo Series3, HD and HD XL subscribers from now until December.

There will be no additional charges to users on an unlimited Netflix subscription, costing from $9 (£5.48) a month.

Movies will be streamed to the TiVo box from Neflix via a wired or wireless connection, according to a 'Queue' of titles previously selected on the Neflix website.

Queuing at the movies

Viewers will be able to browse their Queue using the TiVo remote control, make selections on the screen and have the ability to read synopses or rate movies. As usual with TiVo DVRs, they can pause, fast-forward, rewind and re-start films whenever they want.

Netflix and TiVo are both on a roll right now. TiVo recently inked deals with Amazon's Unbox VOD service, Disney studios and indy movie specialist

Netflix, on the other hand, will also be supplying streamed content to LG and Samsung Blu-ray players, and particularly to Xbox 360s as part of the New Xbox Experience.

Unlike any of the other partnerships (including TiVo), the 360 will be getting Netflix movies in High Definition from day one.

Mark Harris is Senior Research Director at Gartner.