LG to get first dibs on next Google TV software?

Google TV
LG and Google may become closer bedfellows in order to push Google TV

LG will reportedly get first access to the next version of Google TV in order to create a Nexus-style flagship television for the platform.

According to Bloomberg sources, the company wants to replicate the Android model, which has seen new builds of the software adopt a launch partner before filtering down to the others manufacturers.

Previously Google has worked with the likes of HTC, Motorola and Samsung to launch new versions of Android on devices like the Nexus One, Xoom Tablet and Galaxy Nexus.

Bloomberg says two people familiar with the project says no decision has been made although talks are underway.

First LG Google TV announced

LG revealed its first Smart TV with Google TV at CES 2012. The device brings the Android Market into the mix rather than pushing LG's own range of Smart TV apps.

That television, which also boasts LG's passive Cinema 3D tech, features Google TV version 2.0 - offering a big improvement on the original iteration.

It also comes with a redesigned Magic Remote, which features a full QWERTY keyboard as well as voice and motion control.

So far Sony is the other major manufacturer with a Google TV-enabled television set on the market, but more will folow from Samsung and budget manufacturer Vizio will follow later this year.

Via: Bloomberg

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