Samsung slices 55-inch curved OLED TV price to $9K, on sale tomorrow

Samsung curved OLED

Colin Kaepernick's (the San Francisco 49ers's quarterback for the uninitiated) next touchdown pass may seem a little sweeter if you're catching it on Samsung's curved OLED TV.

The South Korean company is out today with U.S. pricing info for the KN55S9C, a television we saw at CES 2013 and initially priced at $15,000.

Now, Samsung has slashed the price to a less-gut-wrenching figure: $8,999.99. While that's still a lot of dough, the 55-inch screen has earned high praise already, with Consumer Reports calling it "arguably the best all-around TV we've ever tested, with the highest overall picture-quality scores and no major shortcomings."

Except, of course, the $9,000 price tag.


Though it will still cost a bundle, the KN55S9C is still cheaper than LG's own curved OLED offering, which rings in at $15,000. Samsung said it could cut the cost of its model thanks to an improved manufacturing process that led to more efficient display production.

Savings are important of course, but so is saving your marriage. To that end, the KN55S9C's "marriage saver" MultiView function lets users watch two separate sets of programming simultaneously.

The feat is achievable thanks to 3D glasses with built-in personal ear bud headphones. Two pairs comes complete with the TV.

The KN55S9C can't be mounted on a wall, so Samsung has outfitted it on a stand for better picture viewing. The display measures a half an inch thick, and while it cuts a slim figure, picture quality is where Samsung's screen shines.

"[How] did the TV actually do on our test patterns and real-world video? In a word, brilliantly," read the Consumer Reports review.

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The report raised plenty of potential issues, such as longevity related to blue OLEDs and low production yields, but if you're still interested in checking out the SC9 and have under $10,000 to spare, you can start ordering the TV tomorrow via

Via USA Today

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