Samsung's curved 4K TV-of-the-future arriving in the present on April 14

Samsung's curved 4K TV of the future arriving in the present on April 14
Great news for TV fans hoping to get ahead of the curve

Samsung has announced its curved 4K televisions will arrive in the UK on Monday, on a mission to upgrade and upscale Brits' home entertainment set-ups.

The 55-inch and 65-inch HU8500 sets, announced at CES 2014, will be available from select retailers - likely to be the upscale department stores like John Lewis, Selfridges and Harrods - on the 14th April.

Samsung is yet to confirm UK pricing, passing the buck to individual retailers. However, the firm recently announced that 55-inch model would cost a relatively reasonable $3,999 (£2,421) with the 65-inch at $4,999 (around £3,026).

The firm also has a 105-inch flagship model on the way, but that will arrive at a later date.

Blu-ray upscaling

So what will those privileged buyers get for their hefty outlay beyond a massive Ultra HD television set with a funky and fresh shape and a premium design?

Well the company claims the 4.2m radius curvature is optimised to fit the average viewing distance, meaning the corners are closer to the viewer. All that is designed to create a more natural viewing angle.

There's also an Auto Depth Enhancer to supposedly "surround and delight your senses," along with the usual promise of deeper blacks and purer whites through the firm's in-house dimming technology.

The HU8500 also brings a quad-core processor to power the Smart TV experience and neat multi-tasking skills. It's also future proofed through the UHD Evolution Kit, which Samsung says will enable buyers to renew their television as standards 4K continue to develop.

But what about the lack of any real 4K content? Well, Samsung reckons it has buyers covered through its four-step upscaling technology, which it says will bring live TV and Blu-ray discs up to the UHD resolution.

Will you indulging in Samsung's curvy 4K delights next week? If so, can we be your friend?

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