BBC set to launch personalised next-gen iPlayer

BBC set to launch personalised next-gen iPlayer
More demand for on-demand

The BBC is set to make an announcement tomorrow and we're expecting it to be all about the future of the iPlayer.

BBC Director General, Tony Hall, will be making a speech entitled "Where Next?" which is set to be about how the new iPlayer will adapt to these crazy on-demand times with a new service called My BBC.

It's believed that a smartphone and tablet app will be introduced that will let users personalise their viewing selection, the extent of which is not yet clear.

However the BBC is clearly keen to keep up with growing demand on convenience, portability and variety.

State of play

The launch of the next-gen iPlayer is planned to take place in 2014, over six years since the service first launched.

The BBC announced today that BBC Radio 1 will be getting its own iPlayer video channel which will offer exclusive performances and interviews unavailable on the BBC TV channels.

As the times change, just how relevant is the traditional terrestrial method anymore? Especially if we're paying for content we don't watch.

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