Asus: Eee PC 904 will be a major seller

Eee by gu...oh we did that one already
Eee by gu...oh we did that one already

The Asus Eee 904 has been given a once over by those What Laptop people, and they are reporting that the laptop manufacturer is expecting it to be one of the best selling models.

In the increasingly confusing world of the Asus Eee brand – now being plastered on everything from USB sticks to tins of Baked Beans* - the 904 has the bigger chassis of the 1000 but the smaller screen of the 900. Got that?

So you will be able to actually type without hitting several keys at the same time, but not pay for the extra few inches of screen real estate that pushes the bigger versions into a higher pay brand.

Comfy keyboard

"For a start, the 904 has a larger keyboard than any of its 8.9-inch rivals, and we found it comfortable and easy to type on," says the What Laptop blog.

"Another benefit is cost, as the latest model also features a budget Intel Celeron processor. The use of an older chip over Intel's Atom processor may at first seem like an odd choice, but it results in an overall price of just £269 (inc. VAT)."

Interestingly, Asus appears to be pushing this 904 model as a major winner for the consumer with What Laptop adding: "the company think this device will be the bigger seller in the race between the 900 Series and the 1000 Series. People will like the bigger keyboard but the price is much more economical on the pocket."

*Not really

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