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Steam Halloween Sale is a real slasher with up to 66% price cuts on big-name games

Hunt: Showdown
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Steam has kicked off its Halloween Sale (opens in new tab) with some impressive discounts on horror games of one vein or another, and indeed some major price cuts for non-Halloween-related titles as well.

The sale runs from now through to November 1, so you have until Friday to make your move if you’re tempted to get a piece of the price-slashing action.

While the games involved may not be quite as high-profile as Steam’s big summer and winter sales, there are still some gems to be had with major discounts. And if you’re not sure what you might want to go for, then allow us to pick out some of our favorite deals right here and now…

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Resident Evil 2 – 50% off at Steam (opens in new tab)
This remake of Resident Evil 2 is a superb modern survival horror experience, with stunning graphics, and replay potential in spades. If you haven’t experience RE2 yet, then grabbing it at half-price is an irresistible prospect. Just steel yourself for what lies ahead…

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Vampyr – 66% off at Steam (opens in new tab)
From the makers of the renowned Life Is Strange, this open-world vampire sim takes place in pre-Victorian London and has a truly engaging story (as you would expect given the developer). It’s a suitably gripping action RPG, even if some elements – like the combat – don’t quite hit the mark.

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Prey – 50% off at Steam (opens in new tab)
Prey needs no introduction, and like Resident Evil, is another top-notch modern reboot of a classic game. This shooter is positively dripping with atmosphere and benefits from a surprisingly deep story to boot. If you’ve not tried it yet, Prey is another one you should definitely grab if at all possible…

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 - Definitive Edition – 40% off at Steam (opens in new tab)
Not everything on sale is a horror-related game, and this is the case for Divinity: Original Sin 2. So much has been written about how brilliant this RPG is, we don’t really need to add anything else – except perhaps that arguably this is as good as PC RPGs have gotten since the heady days of Baldur’s Gate. And you’re receiving a juicy 40% discount for Halloween.

Is there anything else you should be aware of? Some games are running Halloween events, and indeed zombie fans might be interested to learn that Dying Light (opens in new tab) is one of those – plus it’s a chunky 66% off in the sale.

Make sure you check out our best Steam games and best PC games lists for more inspiration.

Hunt: Showdown (opens in new tab) is another game running a Halloween special, and this innovative effort from the makers of Crysis is kind of like a battle royale affair (but not exactly), and is certainly a spooky thriller of a shooter. You can get it for 30% off now, which is not too shabby indeed…

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