Star Wars news teased by Rogue One writer – could it be a new TV show?

(Image credit: Lucasfilm/Disney)

Is another Star Wars movie or TV show on the way? That's at least possible, after Rogue One co-writer Gary Whitta teased an incoming announcement related to the blockbuster space-adventure franchise.

"Some news coming from a galaxy far, far away next week... stay tuned" said Whitta in a tweet, on September 30.

What could it be?

While the Star Wars franchise spans a host of different media, it's Whitta's involvement that suggests something in the cinematic area – we doubt he'd be teasing a new line of Kylo plushies, for instance. (Unless?)

As good as 2016's Rogue One was, its status as a prequel means there isn't really room for a sequel as such. There is a prequel-to-the-prequel coming, in the form of an as-yet untitled TV series following the life of Cassian Andor (reprised by Diego Luna), but Whitta doesn't appear to be directly involved as a writer. 

Whitta is also credited as a writer for the animated Star Wars Rebels TV series, which ended its fourth season back in 2018 – so its possible we'll hear of a new spin-off or (dare we say it) a continuation of sorts of the popular series.

It could also be a book project – the Star Wars books will have a presence at next weekend's digital version of New York Comic Con.

Things are getting a bit exhausting, with so many Star Wars TV shows in the pipeline, including the ongoing The Mandalorian, an Obi-Wan Kenobi mini-series, as well as the Cassian Andor show mentioned above. 

But whether we're getting news of something brand new, or just firmer details on something already in the pipeline, you can be sure the internet will explode over it.

Henry St Leger

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