Watch the SpaceX launch live stream: how to rewatch the liftoff for free

SpaceX launch November 15
(Image credit: SpaceX)

Update: We have live video of both the SpaceX launch live stream and the a video replay of the liftoff in case you want to see the moment is took off. Today's SpaceX launch did happen at night in the US, making it a bit harder to see everything but the rocket flame.

You can watch the SpaceX launch live stream below and further down rewatch the liftoff video. It had four astronauts, including three NASA astronauts, launch into space and they're all headed to the International Space Station.

The SpaceX launch time was 7:27pm EST, according to the official NASA and SpaceX schedule. That's when the Crew-1 mission literally took off, and right now, from the live stream video, we can see they're in orbit.According to the NASA schedule, members of the Crew-1 mission will be docking with the ISS tomorrow night at 11pm EST. So it'll take them about 28 hours to get there. The four astronauts will be there for a total of six months.

You can watch the ongoing SpaceX YouTube live stream below, where SpaceX and NASA are offering live play-by-play updates.

SpaceX launch November 15

(Image credit: SpaceX)

How to watch the SpaceX live stream video

The actual SpaceX launch time happened at 7:27pm EST on November 15. That was Monday morning 12:27am GMT in the UK, and 11:27am AEDT in Australia.

The live stream video actually started hours beforehand, with the four astronauts seated in the Dragon capsule for hours and going through rigorous safety checks while on the Kennedy Space Center launchpad. 

The astronauts arrived at the historic Launch Complex 39 in car made by Tesla, which is only appropriate, as SpaceX founder Elon Musk also owns the electric car company. 

While this isn't the first manned private space launch NASA has had SpaceX organize, it's a step up from the first mission, back in late May, that had just two NASA astronauts headed to the ISS.

This is another test for SpaceX and the role of a private sector company to launch NASA missions into space more cheaply and efficiently than ever before. Or, as SpaceX founder Elon Musk just retweeted:

SpaceX launch: how to rewatch the liftoff

In case you missed the SpaceX launch by a few minutes, the official Twitter account of the SpaceX has the liftoff in a short 11-second video.

The actual liftoff is harder to make out than May's first mission. That's because it happened at night in Florida at 7:27pm EST local time.

Crew-1 astronauts on this SpaceX launch

Aboard the small SpaceX Dragon capsule and with the powerful Falcon 9 rocket at their backs are NASA's Michael Hopkins, Shannon Walker, Victor Glover. The fourth astronaut is Japan's Soichi Noguchi.

You can watch them right now, as they sail through space, suited up in the SpaceX spacesuits and are strapped in inside the Dragon capsule. It'll take them about 28 hours to get to the ISS.

Matt Swider