Will anyone still care if Office for iOS and Android launches in late 2014?

Will anyone still care if Office for iOS and Android launches in late 2014?
Microsoft has played down Office for iPad speculation

Microsoft isn't planning to launch the long-rumoured Office productivity suite for iOS and Android devices until the autumn of 2014, a Wednesday report claimed.

According to a leaked Office update roadmap, seen by ZDnet, the software giant will continue to hold off on unleashing the likes of Word, PowerPoint and Excel for non-Windows phone and tablet owners.

The report said the 'Gemini' update schedule mentions "iOS/Android support," will be coming in October 2014 but doesn't mention specific devices.

Office, especially for the iPad, has been rumoured since Apple's tablet first launched in 2010, but Microsoft has continued to play down the speculation, despite a host of high profile leaks.

New Mac version incoming

However, there is better news for Mac users, according to the roadmap. They'll be getting a new version of the suite in April next year, which will be the first update since 2011.

This will be accompanied by an Office RT refresh, bringing new and improved versions of the software for Windows machines, but the long-awaited Outlook RT app may not arrive until October 2014, according to the report.

Do you still care whether Microsoft launches Office for iOS and Android devices? Has the time passed? Will it really add much to either App Store or have the plentiful alternatives already filled the void? Let us know in the comments section below

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