References to Office Mobile for iOS appear on Microsoft support site

Office Mobile for iOS references appearing on Microsoft support site
Office for iOS hints grow stronger

Eagle-eyed Apple fans unearthed more evidence that Microsoft may be about to bestow its Office productivity suite for iOS devices Monday.

French news source Mac4Ever site pointed out that references to Office products on Apple's mobile devices have started to appear within Microsoft's support pages, though the references appear to be erroneously tagged to support articles.

Among the products listed on several pages across various territories are Office Mobile for iPhone, Excel for iPad and PowerPoint for iPad. Due to the multitude of references, it's likely not just a blurry-eyed mistake that these products are at least in the works.

The as-yet-unannounced products are listed alongside other support tags within Microsoft's official portals in France and the United States as well.


The topic of Word, Excel, Powerpoint et al. appearing on the iPhone and the iPad has become somewhat of a saga in the last couple of years.

Microsoft has repeatedly denied that it plans to launch the apps, perhaps fearful that it may impact Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 device sales, but the evidence - as observed today - continues to stack up.

Earlier this year, purported screenshots were decried as fake by Redmond representatives, while latest rumours have suggested a March or 'early 2013' launch for the long-awaited suite.

Until we get official word from Microsoft, the suite's arrival on iOS is still speculative, though we hope these rumors end up having a ring of truth.

Via MacRumors

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