Twitter to launch Flight, its new mobile dev conference, next month

Twitter Flight
From 2010's Chirp to 2014's Flight

Twitter will be flapping into Flight, its second-ever mobile developer conference, on October 22.

The social media company is welcoming developers from all over to the San Francisco event with the promise of helping them "build the best mobile apps."

Not the smoothest move leading off with an egotistical mission statement like that.

The day's activities will include a keynote by Twitter CEO Dick Costolo. As with most developer conferences, from Apple's WWDC to Facebook F8, we expect to see a smatering of new Twitter features emerge for users.

However, much of the conference will include "technical sessions," where developers will have dense discussions about programming in Java, Objective-C and Swift.

To prime the dev community for the October conference, Twitter has overhauled its developer site, making it easier for users to navigate and find answers. Twitter also noted there would be a lot more features coming to the developer site over the coming weeks.

What the heck are you doing Twitter?

In the last several months Twitter has been in a tumultuous period of change, changing the fundamental way its social network behaves.

In May, Twitter introduced a feature for users to mute an obnoxious tweeter without unfollowing them. Then the company decided to mess with social feeds yet again in August by promoting popular tweets favorited in users' feeds, even if they don't follow the tweeter.

And just last week, Twitter killed its third-party Twitpic image-hosting partner in favor of its own photo sharing service.

It seems high time that Twitter should hold an event of some sort where it can discuss its future plans at length rather than rolling out experiments and tweaks, which taken as a whole, have been universally annoying.

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