Thanks to Spotify, Starbucks baristas will serve up piping hot playlists


It's hard to beat a good cup of coffee, but it's harder to beat a good cup of coffee accompanied by a great song.

Spotify has teamed up with Starbucks to change the way playlists are made in the workplace. Starting in the US, all 150,000-plus employees of Starbucks will get a premium Spotify membership and have the chance to air their favorite tunes in the coffee shop. After the US plan is functional, the business partners will roll on to Canada and the UK.

While you sip your Americano to your barista's favorite Americana song, you can also earn "Stars as Currency" from the Starbucks Rewards program by signing up for Spotify Premium.

Spotify's announcement also mentions that those who sign up for a premium account will be able to "help shape the in-store music." Premium users will likely get to enjoy being able to influence the music playing over Starbucks speakers.

To top off the coffee shop's musical renovation, Starbucks will offer playlists featuring hits from the past 20 years and make them available to all Spotify users.

While not every barista will have the perfect taste in music, it's a new spin on the Starbucks experience, and hopefully your barista can take requests.

Spotify's expansion into your coffee mug isn't the only change the company is making. It's also rumored to be unveiling its new interactive service in the next few days, tentatively called Spotify Now, which may include video capability.