Google announces not one, but two live 'special events' for Chrome Mobile

What's in store at Google's Chrome Mobile special events?
Chrome has been a big hit on iOS and Android

Google has announced it is holding a pair of 'special events' for the mobile version of its Chrome browser, during the next two weeks.

The web giant has posted YouTube live streams for events on June 7 (that's this coming Friday) and June 13 on its Google Developers website.

Hitting play on the streams activates a countdown clock, but the company has revealed no other information about what it has in store for the events other than to say 'more details coming soon.'

The timing for the events is quite curious, given we're just a couple of weeks departed from Google I/O, where the company seemed to take care of most Chrome-related business, which included a new Siri-like voice search feature.

What gives, Google?

So that begs the question: What is Google cooking up for these events in the next couple of weeks?

It must be something pretty newsworthy, otherwise the team would just fold it into an update and chuck a post up on the official blog explaining the new features, which is what the company normally does.

And why two events, one week after the other? SlashGear speculates that its one event for Android and another for iOS, which sounds about right to us.

What do you think Google has in store? Let us know in the comments section below.

Via SlashGear

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