Should I buy the Sony Bravia KDL40RE453 Full HD TV?

The bottom line: While its brilliant picture quality is let down by some frustrating smart features, you may still be tempted by the amount the Sony Bravia KDL40RE453 Full HD TV packs in for the price. 

With HDR technology illuminating the brightest and darkest scenes, and the X-Reality PRO upscaling and refining pixels to reduce noise, viewers are treated to double the dosage of screen clarity power to bring the superior image that Sony are renowned for. 

If you're looking for a fully-loaded HD TV with an easy-to-use interface, this probably isn't the best choice – but as a basic smart set with decent visual quality, it's still a decent choice for the price.

Pros: Awesome screen clarity, slim design

Cons: Clunky interface

Sony Bravia KDL40RE453 Full HD TV: Everything you need to know

If the viewing experience is important to you but budget is too, you can’t go wrong with this Sony TV. Reviewers rate the immense picture quality produced by the HDR and X-Reality PRO technologies as being noticeably different if you're used to non-HDR TVs. To further boost the screen power, the designers have added another element- Motionflow XR - which keeps action smooth by upscaling and refining pixels. This helps to enhance fast-paced action scenes and the gaming experience (but what do expect from the creators of the Playstation?).  

With a 1080p Full HD max screen resolution, there is nothing ground breaking here in terms of visuals, particularly if you have ever experienced the quality of 4K, but the LCD display still boasts an excellent quality visual.

The design

Sony have kept the appearance of this TV as slim as possible and the frame is narrow too, which helps to create the illusion of edge to edge viewing. With less obstruction around the outside, you can concentrate on more immersive viewing. The stand integrates polymer and metal to create a sturdy support for the television, although some owners are disappointed that the stand isn’t pure metal like earlier models. 

Having said that, if Sony have compromised the stand materials to focus on delivering a high quality image for a great price, we aren’t going to complain too much. 


You will find all of your best-loved apps including iPlayer, Netflix and Amazon Prime packed into this TV. But it's the smart features are this Sony Bravia TVs downfall, with apps being clunky and slow to set up, rendering this an excellent HD TV but nothing more. 

Having said that, with a little patience, the smart features are there, if you can stay focussed enough to set them up. With USB ports, you can plug in your Amazon Fire Stick, view your favourite photos and listen to your favourite music tracks. There are 2 HDMI ports so you can plug in your games console and DVD player, although a common gripe is that three slots might be more useful. 

Overall, this TV has the great picture quality you would expect from a Full HD TV but is lacking the high quality Smart features of its competitors.

Decided this is the one for you? View the best Sony Bravia KDL40RE453 TV prices at the top of the page. 

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