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Sennheiser launches entry-level HD 560S audiophile headphones in India - and it is pricey

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Sennheiser has launched a new pair of entry-level audiophile headphones in India called the Sennheiser HD 560S. This pair of headphones which was launched globally on September 29, and has now arrived in India. 

The Sennheiser HD 560S has been priced at Rs 18,990 in India which may put it in the entry-level audiophile headphones segment, but is still pricey for a pair of headphones. It is available on Sennheiser's own website in India. 

Sennheiser HD 560S: Details

The Sennheiser HD 560S is almost entirely plastic, of the black and hard and rather shiny variety – there’s some nicely padded velour on the earcups and the inside of the headband, mind you, so comfort hasn’t been completely dismissed.

The HD 560S has an open-backed design, with all of the wide-open soundstage (for the listener) and the liberal sound-leakage (for those sitting near the listener) this configuration promises.

They sport a wired design, using a 3m cable terminating in an all-business 6.3mm jack – and in case you’re still not getting the picture, the packaging states “for analytical listening sessions”. No wireless operation, no touch-controls, no app-based EQ adjustment. None of the niceties most over-ear headphones at this sort of price serve up as a matter of routine. 

The HD 560S is made for listeners who need to understand a tune in all its details, from the recording studio to the sound file. The company says it aims to show how a track is intended to be heard, rather than delivering an interpretation offered up by a headphone’s sound design. The HD 560S’ transducers are specifically tuned for accuracy, offering dependable A/B comparisons of mixes, sources and media formats. Its open-back ear-cups facilitate a natural expansion of sound waves, while their angled alignment recreates the optimal triangular listening position of loudspeakers for a wide, articulate sound-stage — without the need for room treatment.

Bodhisatwa Ray
Bodhisatwa Ray

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