Saucony has a new frontrunner with its latest 'fastest ever' running shoe

Saucony Endorphin Pro Plus shoes being worn by a runner up some steps
(Image credit: Saucony)

Elite sneaker brand Saucony has announced it has a new fastest running shoe with the arrival of the Endorphin Pro+. 

The new carbon running shoe takes all of the great tech behind Saucony’s previous number one shoe – the Endorphin Pro 2 – but with a simplified and lighter design. 

Saucony’s 'Speedroll' technology returns to promote forward propulsion with its combination of an S-shaped carbon plate and Saucony's lightweight PWRRUN PB super foam. However, with less obtrusive detailing and changes to the mesh and tongue, you’ll find the Endorphin Pro+ is about 17g (0.6 ounces) lighter than its predecessor.

The Endorphin Pro+ will be available in men’s sizes 7-15 and women’s sizes 5-12 with a suggested retail price of $250 / £220 (around AU$400). You can check out how it performs on September 22 when world-class runners put the sneakers through their paces in a 10K run around Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen, Germany.

If you want to snag a pair you’ll need to act fast though, as the brand has warned its Endorphin Pro+ running shoes will only be entering a limited production run. Be sure to set a reminder for September 28 – the day the Endorphin Pro+ shoes launch – and head over to Saucony’s official website if you want to catch it while you can. 

Saucony Endorphin PRO+ on a red background

(Image credit: Saucony)

Analysis: Saucony needs to go the distance 

Saucony’s previous Endorphin running shoes have done well in our best running shoes race thanks to their lightweight design and excellent motion control that give each step a springy feel. However the brand faces stiff competition from stalwarts Nike and Asics.

Earlier this year Asics released the Metaspeed Sky running shoes which we found were perfect for runs that prefer long distances. Nike also has its ZoomX Vaporfly Next% 2 carbon running shoes that sit at the top of our best running shoes list with their design that’s great for setting lightning fast PBs.

However in both cases we had concern with their long-term durability especially with their high-end pricing. If the similarly expensive Saucony Endorphin Pro+ can keep up the pace and go the distance too, we could be looking at our next best running shoes. Otherwise we might have another shoe that you’ll want to save for race day.

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