Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 shown with custom S Pen in leaked promo video

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2
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If there was anything left to see of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 ahead of their very likely launches at Samsung Unpacked on August 11, well, we probably just saw it in a video leaked by the phonemaker itself. And it shows the custom S Pen that’s been long-rumored to come to the Z Fold 3. 

Samsung Malaysia’s YouTube account reportedly uploaded a short video showing off both foldables and swiftly took it down, but not before it was screencapped and posted to the r/GalaxyFold subreddit. The short video has all the hallmarks of Samsung promotional videos, so we’d suspect it’s authentic, though it’s always possible a crafty creator went through the trouble of aping Samsung’s style with very authentic-looking renders.

The clip was quickly uploaded elsewhere, including on Twitter:

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The video purportedly shows both foldables in action for only a few seconds each, but revealed plenty in that time. It demonstrated a roulette of apps on the clamshell Z Flip 3’s exterior screen (which is much larger than the outer display on its predecessors), but most of the 30-plus-second runtime was devoted to the Z Fold 3 and stylus functionality. Notably, the foldable can seemingly split apps between halves of the inner display, which is neat.

There’s even more detail in the video than you might think – user u/paxinfernum, who uploaded the video, noted that the fine print in the shot with the stylus reads: 

“S Pen Pro and S Pen Fold Edition sold separately. Only use the Samsung S Pen Pro or S Pen Fold Edition designed exclusively for Galaxy Z Fold3. All other S Pens or stylus pens not designed for Galaxy Z Fold3 (including those by other manufacturers) may damage the screen. Certain applications may not support multitasking. Flex mode supported at angles between 75° and 115°.”

What is 'Flex Mode'?

Flex Mode is Samsung’s name for alternate functionality when a phone is folded, which debuted with the original Galaxy Z Flip and was included in the Galaxy Z Fold 2.

But it’s the S Pen news that’s more intriguing, as the disclaimer suggests only the long-expected S Pen Pro and the S Pen Fold Edition will apparently work with the Z Fold 3 display. It’s unclear why, but perhaps they’re less harsh on the foldable’s screen than prior styluses meant to work on glass displays. In any case, leaker Max Weinbach claimed that the Z Fold 3 itself will detect a non-compatible S Pen being used and warn users from doing so:

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It’s nice to see some kind of confirmation that the Z Fold 3 will get its own S Pen, which is one of the top new features we’ve heard about the foldable – and a reason to get this version over the Z Fold 2. Moreover, it could suggest that Samsung has custom functionality in mind for the new version rather than just adding compatibility to shoehorn the Z Fold 3 into its lineup as a Note 21 alternative. 

And yes, both foldables look much like they do in the myriad design leaks and rumors showing what we expect the devices to look like. 

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