Samsung Galaxy Health app users might have to upgrade to a new device

Samsung Health
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Users of the Samsung Health app on older Samsung Galaxy smartphones may want to check if they need to make the upgrade to a newer model, as the company will be phasing out support for the app on Android 7 and lower starting March 22.

More specifically, if you’re still using a Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 5 or the Galaxy A3, A5 or A7 tablets then you will be affected by the cease of support for the Samsung Health app.

The details are outlined in a screenshot spotted by SamMobile, where Samsung encourages users to upgrade to Android 8 or higher if they want to continue enjoying the full benefits of the Samsung Health app. 

Staying in the loop

For users who don’t wish to upgrade just yet, you might not have anything to fear. Samsung states that the Health app will still be available for use on Android 7 or lower, albeit with “limited services and features without further support.”

Samsung ends its message by reminding users to back up their Health app to avoid any data loss that may occur when support ends for older Galaxy smartphones.

Whether or not you should upgrade comes down to how much you value the Samsung Health app. If you’re still using an Android 7 smartphone, but make liberal use of the app, it might be time to consider an upgrade.

However, if the app isn’t a priority for you, then don’t feel too pressured to make the change, as your phone will still work as intended, albeit without Samsung Health’s updated features.

Alternatively, if you do have an older Samsung Galaxy smartphone, it could be worth checking if you’re eligible for an upgrade via your provider in the near future. This could save you a lot of headaches if Samsung Health is one of your primary fitness tools.

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