Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 leaked render shows it could ape Galaxy Note 20 design

Hands-on with Samsung's Galaxy Fold
The Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 might not have its predecessor's big notch (Image credit: TechRadar)

Despite the fact that it’s probably launching in early August we haven’t seen much of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 yet, but that could be changing, as a high-quality render has just leaked, showing the phone’s apparent similarities to the rumored design of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

The render, shared by @UniverseIce (a leaker with a good track record), shows the phone with its main display unfolded, so it looks very tablet-like, with significant but not massive bezels all around the screen.

There’s also a punch-hole camera, which is an upgrade on the large notch found on the original Samsung Galaxy Fold; and while its off-center position may seem odd at first, it actually makes sense, as the source points out.

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In a second tweet containing another image, they show how once the screen is folded in half that camera position becomes central – and a lot like the punch-hole location on the Samsung Galaxy S20, and what we've seen in Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leaks.

It would also mean the hardware for the front camera is kept out of the way of the rear camera, which in the second image looks to take up a rectangular block on the top-right of the handset's rear, again similar to the rumored Note 20 design and the Samsung Galaxy S20 range. And you couldn’t put the front camera in the central part of the big screen, as that’s where the hinge is.

In all, this is a design that brings the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 in line with Samsung’s other flagships, so it makes sense that it’s one the company would go for. It’s also, as a reply to the tweet shows, roughly the same position as the front camera on the original Galaxy Fold – it just looks stranger without a notch surrounding it.

We would, of course, still take all this with a pinch of salt, especially as we haven’t seen many Galaxy Fold 2 leaked images prior to this, so there’s little to compare it to. But with the phone likely launching in just over a month we’d expect leaks and rumors to soon start coming thick and fast.

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