Razer BlackWidow Ultimate keyboard is spill-proof for wet'n'wild gamers

When you're chasing that illusive PUBG chicken dinner, you might not find the time to get away from your desk to have your actual dinner. And so the committed PC gamer sits at their desk, snacking and slurping as that frag count climbs.

It's a dangerous situation for the average keyboard to find itself in, and so many inevitably fall victim to spilled drinks and sandwich crumbs. But Razer's new BlackWidow Ultimate gaming keyboard wants to save itself from an untimely death – it's water and dust resistant, making it sturdier than your average set of keys.

With an IP54 rating, the mechanical keyboard makes use of satisfyingly-clicky Razer Green Switches, with 50 grams of actuation force set to offer precise control.

Customised protection

As with Razer's other PC gaming gear, there's options for customising the look of the keyboard through backlit LED keys. The keys can not only highlight different color schemes for different games, but can also be programmed to cycle through shades in waves, ripples and other animations.

Macro recording is supported, letting you pre-program complex keystroke patterns and combos for in game use. Razer's quoting an 80-million keystroke lifespan for the keyboard.

Hitting shops worldwide in December, expect to pay $109.99 or €119.99 (which is roughly £110 or AU$190).

Gerald Lynch

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