PUBG Mobile 0.18 update: Mad Miramar and a much-needed weapon buff

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PUBG Mobile’s next major update will arrive later this week on May 7. The prominent changes include a revamp to the Miramar map, a new race track and weapon improvements.

The 0.18 update for PUBG Mobile will be available for on May 7 for Android and iOS. The servers will not be taken offline for the update. However, all players will need to be on the same app version to match together. Most of the changes for Season 13 are concentrated to Miramar.

What's new in the latest PUBG update?

PUBG Mobile shared a trailer for the upcoming update which detailed what new changes can be expected. The revamped “Mad Miramar” map aims to bring players back, as it is one of the least popular and slow-paced maps in the game. An oasis has been added to the north for multi-terrain combat, while the Ruins to the northwest are a lot bigger now. The number of houses and roads will also be increased with more loot. Not getting enough supplies in most locations was a common complaint about this map.

A race track has also been added, which runs throughout the map. It will bring many ramps and loops for players interested in trying their hand at stunt driving. A new Golden Mirado will randomly spawn across the map, but there will be only one of those through the entire desert. 

It’s unclear if it will be better in any aspect than the regular muscle cars found on the map. Vending machines will also be seen throughout Mad Miramar, which will dispense consumables. Occasionally, the player will get eight energy drinks from the machine.

(Image credit: PUBG)

Changes to classic mode include a new “canted sights” attachment for certain rifles, which will help players get a better look at the enemy while aiming. It will act as a secondary sight, so players can have a scope attached for long-distance warfare and quickly switch to the canted sights for close combat. The Win94 rifle also gets a much-needed buff, adding a 2.7x scope to it. The Arena mode will also get a new weapon - the P90 SMG with a 50 round clip size.

The post-match results screen also gets a facelift, and will now show a lot more information such as detailed stats of how efficiently each weapon was used, so players can tweak their playing style according to their strengths. Lastly, a Cheer Park will also be accessible outside of the main game, where squads can celebrate their victories or engage in light-hearted challenges. By the look of it, it looks like a combination of the Amusement park and the Training ground.

PUBG Mobile 0.18 is also expected to bring other fixes and additions, which will have to be discovered by players. It is likely to be a hefty update, so you would do well to plan your sessions accordingly.

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