PS4 is back in stock at $299 for the first time in a while

Looking for a PS4? While the PS5 release is imminent, vastly surpassing the older console when it comes to technical capabilities and compatibility with future games, you might still be on the hunt for Sony's cheaper last-gen console. 

After a torrid year for PS4 stock, driven by the increased demand of the pandemic, Amazon has the PS4 slim available to order now, with an in-stock date of October 28. Meanwhile, Walmart has the more powerful PS4 Pro unit back in stock, too. 

The PS4 is essentially available at full price – there's no saving to be had on the console. We might see a few PS4 bundle deals around Black Friday 2020 – but this isn't a guarantee given the level of demand we've seen this year. Plus, this year's Black Friday PS4 deals are looking a little shaky with stock flashing in and out over the last few months.

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Today's best PS4 deals

PS4 Slim 1TB:$299.99 at Amazon

PS4 Slim 1TB: $299.99 at Amazon
By no means the cheapest price on the PS4, this basic unit has nonetheless been hard to get hold of all year as people spend more of their time indoors. It's possible we'll see lower prices for Black Friday – but it's not guaranteed given the demand we've seen for it this year. 

PS4 Pro 1TB: $399.99 at Walmart

PS4 Pro 1TB: $399.99 at Walmart
There is no real reason to order a PS4 Pro over a PS5 – you're better off waiting to order the next-gen console, which is only $100 more than this for the disc edition (or the same price for the digital edition). Nonetheless, if you can't wait for stock, the PS4 Pro is available again right now at Walmart. 

Should you buy a PS4?

In our opinion, the PS5 is the console to buy if you're on the lookout for new hardware – we'd recommend saving your money and waiting until the next-gen console is back in stock. That will, however, probably take until 2021, barring another round of consoles arriving when the console launches on November 12 and November 19 (depending on where you live). Demand for the new machine is fierce. 

A PS4 is by no means a useless purchase – it's been selling out all year for a reason. It's the best-selling console of its generation, and features seven years' worth of great games to play. If you want suggestions on what you can play on the console, check out our list of the best PS4 games

The PS5, however, will be compatible with the vast majority of PS4 games. Plus, Sony is likely to drop support for the PS4 in the next year or so – whereas the PS5 will likely receive new games for the next seven years. 

The other big difference is cost. The cheapest you can get a PS5 is $399.99/£349.99 – that's for the digital-only edition. Considering the PS4 costs $100 less, that might be another factor in deciding to pick one up. 

Other PS4 deals

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