Weird PS4 trophies error adds fuel to the PS Game Pass rumor fire

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A strange PlayStation error saw users lose any and all PlayStation 4 trophy progress. What's more, it also removed the games' names and labelled them as being for the PlayStation 3.

The issue has since been fixed, restoring all the trophies and progress, but there doesn't appear to be any statement from Sony about what caused it.

While there's a very strong chance this was just a random bug that could easily be rectified, some suspect that there's a greater meaning behind it.

Specifically, it's believed this could have something to do with the recent rumors of Sony's Spartacus project aka the PlayStation Game Pass.

Namely, that the error was caused by some in-house testing and Sony's silence on the matter is because it hasn't officially announced anything yet.

The PS Game Pass rumors

Talk of a PlayStation equivalent to the Xbox Game Pass properly kicked off only last month. A Bloomberg report claimed to have heard tale of a Project Spartacus, which could combine the PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now services into an entirely new one.

The service was described as offering downloadable games from the libraries of previous PlayStation consoles, including the original PlayStation and PlayStation Portable.

Sony has never officially confirmed anything, but recent events have given people cause to expect an announcement sometime in the near future.

For starters, numerous retailers have been removing PS Now gift cards and will no longer sell them, heavily suggesting that the service is at least being retired.

Not long afterwards, listings for certain PlayStation 3 games were spotted on the PlayStation 5's digital store, which could also point to a future update that adds PS3 backwards compatibility to the PS5.

Some argue that Sony is under pressure to announce its own Game Pass sooner rather than later following Microsoft's bombshell acquisition of Activision Blizzard.

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