There's no Product Red iPhone X, but Apple did make three red cases for it

The red iPhone X folio case is now available

You won't find a Product Red iPhone X alongside the new red iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus color that launched today. It's just Apple's 'regular' iPhone in the new hue.

That doesn't mean you can't envelop your otherwise-more-advanced iPhone in the deep red tone that helps raise awareness and money for the Global Fund HIV/AIDs charity. 

Apple has also launched three new Product Red cases for each new iPhone this week, including a Product Red iPhone X folio case we were able to test this week.

Red iPhone X folio case impressions

Yes, it's the same folio case we got on November 3 at the phone's launch, but in red. No, you don't get the hot new color with Apple's seven-layer color process directly on the back glass.

The red iPhone X folio case exhibits a deeper, almost muted candy apple shade of red. It has a protective leather flap that folds over top of the new all-screen iPhone.

Adjusting to a smartphone case with a flap took some getting used to (about a day for us) and extra thumb work. The hardest part still? Answering a call. Where do you put the folio component of the case? Do you let it fold back all the way or let it hang? The answer: we don't make many calls, so it doesn't really matter too much.

The inside of the folio has two wallet-like slots that are large enough to hold three credit cards in the first slot and folded bills and a Metrocard in the second slot.

On the other side, there's a harder shell that wraps around the iPhone X's back glass and aluminum frame, but includes a soft microfiber lining on the inside. 

We appreciate the fact that the side and volume buttons are made of machined aluminum, with a shiny ruby red finish. It's a real advantage over the silicone case's soft bumpy button outlines that are more difficult to press in.

The iPhone X folio case costs $99, £99, and AU$145.

Product Red leather folio case for iPhone X

Product Red leather folio case for iPhone X
$99 in the US
£99 in the UK
AU$145 in Australia

Red iPhone X silicone and leather case impressions

The red iPhone X silicone case has a brighter shade of red to it, a touch darker than the Red Raspberry color. It has a soft, non-slip feel to the outside and microfiber lining you'll never see day-to-day for the delicate glass on the inside.

The silicone case is the cheapest of the bunch, but like we mentioned, the raised button outlines Apple's cases are harder to press in, especially over time. We've also previously found the silicone cases to hang up around the edges of jeans when sliding them in and out of our pockets.

The iPhone X leather case is the better choice of the two standard-looking cases – in Product Red or any other color, really. It has machined aluminum buttons, just like the folio case, but a darker red, but glossier look to it. It's supple, so it can take on a bit of wear over time, but it's easier to slip into your pocket.

The silicone case costs $39, £39, AU$59, while the leather case costs $49, £49, AU$75. Again, the latter is our recommended case of the two. 

Silicone case for iPhone X in Product Red

Silicone case for iPhone X in Product Red
$39 in the US
£39 in the UK
AU$59 in Australia

Leather case for iPhone X in Product Red

Leather case for iPhone X in Product Red
$49 in the US
£49 in the UK
AU$75 in Australia

There should really be an red iPhone X

The iPhone X leather folio and standard leather cases are great and all, but we'd like to see that seven-layer color process in red come directly to the naked flagship iPhone.

There are enough people on the fence or just now ready to upgrade to the iPhone X on contract that a new color could give them reason to execute on the purchase.

We'd also like to see Apple launch these charity-focused colors on day one, not as mid-cycle updates. A red iPhone X would have almost certainly been a top-seller, and it still has the potential to be in 2018.

There's more than enough time for Apple to get that right with the inevitable iPhone 11 or cheaper LCD 'iPhone 9' (no one is quite sure of the names just yet). Apple definitely needs to give us more choice besides white and space gray in 2018.

Matt Swider