iPhone 8 colors: what shades does the latest iPhone come in?

New iPhone models often bring with them a range of new colors, but Apple decided to release the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus in only three shades.

None of the colors are particularly different to what you'd expect from Apple, but the new Product Red option is a much-needed addition. We've included the four options below to help you decide which hue to opt for.

Bear in mind that Apple may bring new color options to the market in the future though, especially as it launched the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus in red around six months after the phones first landed.

Product Red

The company's latest color option supports Product Red – a long-standing partnership for Apple that raises awareness for HIV and AIDS. This color comes several months following the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus' respective release dates, but if you haven't yet upgraded, you now have one more shade to consider while checking out.

This model retains the eighth-gen's glossy, all-glass look, and while you might assume that Apple would opt for the white/red combo for maximum contrast, it has gone with red on the back and black on the front. It's a very sleek look.

Space Grey

This has been a staple color for the iPhone for quite some time and Apple kept it for the iPhone 8. 

This is just standard Space Grey, there's no Jet Black option for the iPhone 8 as the phone now has a glass back, rather than the metal of the iPhone 7. It's hardly the most exciting color, but this darkest option is often one of the most popular, as it's smart and understated.


The silver variant of the iPhone first launched all the way back on the iPhone 5, and considering half the people we see seem to be walking around with phones that shade we think this will be a popular color for the iPhone 8.

As with black it's a classy color that suits most styles and never really goes out of fashion.


If you want your phone to stand out you may want to choose the bling-tastic gold iPhone 8, which is one of the boldest shades on any iPhone ever. 

It gives the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus an arguably even more premium look than the black and silver shades do, but its flashy appearance means it won't be for everyone.

James Peckham

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