Leyio launches secure personal sharing pod

Leyio's secure personal sharing device launches this week
Leyio's secure personal sharing device launches this week

Leyio has announced the launch of its fingerprint protected, 16GB solid state 'personal sharing device', now available at John Lewis and Amazon.

The rather awkwardly titled 'personal sharing device' (hereafter 'PSD') is basically the ultimate data storage dongle to keep stuffed in your pocket or your manbag at all times. And you needn't even worry (too much) about losing it, because with the fingerprint protection feature, nobody else is going to be able to mine your data.

Indeed, TechRadar idly wonders if the Inland Revenue might want to buy a number of Leyio's new ultra-secure memory pods, to prevent any more of those pesky data breaches occuring!

Ultra-wideband tech

Leyio's PSD is also the first product to use ultra-wideband radio technology, so users can send music, movies, work docs and other files to each other through the air in a matter of seconds. Exchanging large files through a quick flick of a wrist is very cool indeed. (Providing all your mates have got Leyio's themselves that is.)

It is a novel use of this new tech and points to a future whereby we will all have such features built into our mobile phones. Let the rumours about ultra-wideband sharing features being packed into the next iPhone begin here...

The device has 16GB of solid state flash memory so you can fit plenty of MP3s, .avis or or MP4s on it, with the added bonus that you can drop it and kick it around without worrying about breaking it. Not that we recommend you play football with Leyio's cute and dinky lil' fella!

Real and digital worlds collide

A photo of around 3MB can be exchanged in just 0.3 seconds and a personal movie in around 20 seconds.

"We're thrilled to finally bring the Leyio Personal Sharing Device to the UK market," says Bruno Maurel, CEO of Leyio.

"The blurring of boundaries between the 'digital' and 'real' worlds has become even more important in recent years – for example, the emergence of social networking events such as Twestival – and Leyio will make our online lives accessible even when we are offline."

Finally, if you do happen to have Leyio-less mates (ie all of them at the moment!) then you can pull out the USB slider and they can pop it into their laptop to obtain files from you. A very nice touch.

Priced at £159, the Leyio personal sharing device is certainly going to appeal to heavy downloaders (not that we endorse that type of thing, of course!) and hardcore music and movie fans that enjoy sharing their latest finds with their mates.

Available now in black, grey and pink, the Leyio retails for £159 at Amazon and John Lewis stores.

For more check out Leyio's website.

Adam Hartley